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OWL Fall 2022 Conference

Or, as I like to call it, OWLCon22!

If you liked the last one,

you're going to LOVE the next one!

But what about the Spring Conference?

If you missed it, you missed one of the best in years!

If you were there, here are some reminders of the fun:

This guy must have some good info. Look how much we're paying attention!

Jan and Russell Friday night. We had fun!

Margarite at Open Mic.

Sean Golden reminding us that rules
are necessary . . . and they don't matter.

Marketing techniques
from Talya Tate Boerner.

Heather Burch gave us the straight scoop
on being a best-selling author.

John Crawford reads poetry during Open Mic.

Michael Fontana on getting published.

Tex Thompson. Wow, what a firecracker!

See you soon!