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Got Kudos?

Around the first of each month, we post members' news of sales, acceptances, contest wins, and other writerly good news.
      Send a brief notice to veda@vedaboydjones.com by the 25th of each month about your news. Remember, the deadline is the 25th of each month.
      To keep it simple, write your news in third person, such as: "Veda Boyd Jones sold a short story, "The Mistletoe Caper," to Woman's World—issue dated December 26, 2022." If you've sold a book, be sure to mention the publisher and when the book will be released.
      Our goal is for members to develop a community of writers who celebrate and are inspired by each other's good news.

April Kudos. Congratulations!

Ronda Del Boccio's memoir, "And I Always Will," the story of meeting her golden retriever guide dog, Jemma, was published by EMerge Literary Magazine in their winter 2024 edition. Read it at https://emerge-magazine.com/and-i-always-will/. She has also released 2 card decks on Deckible.com. Embracing Intuition Affirmation Cards are at: www.deckible.com/card-decks/3Ja-embracing-intuition-affirmation-cards-trust-embrace-enhance-your-intuitive-abilities-rev-ronda-del-boccio. Winged Messengers Divine Guidance Oracle Cards are at www.deckible.com/card-decks/3gC-winged-messengers-divine-guidance-cards-sacred-wisdom-from-your-winged-guides-rev-ronda-del-boccio.

Stephen Brayton will have Night Shadows re-released with a new cover on May 16 coming from Black Rose Writing. Early orders can be made at www.blackrosewriting.com/horrorsuspense/nightshadows?rq=night%20shadows.

John W. "Doc" Crawford placed 2nd in Grand Prize entry of Pennsylvania Poetry Society annual contest, won H.M. in Humor Contest of PA Poetry Society annual contest, placed 1st in category of Oklahoma Poetry Society annual contest, and placed 1st in special category of Mississippi county poetry contest.

Nancy Hartney recently published her essay "I Ain't Dead Yet" in the Months to Years publication. It's available at I'm Not Dead Yet - Months To Years. She also attended the Lucidity Poetry Retreat in Eureka Springs on March 25-27, at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, where she won Honorable Mention for "Winter Has Its Own Grandeur."

Four of Veda Boyd Jones's ebooks, including The Voice on the Radio, were picked for Amazon's AI audiobook beta trials.

Mary-Lane Kamberg has an essay in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Mothers and Daughters on sale starting March 19. She also has an essay in the April issue of Sasee magazine.

Billie Holladay Skelley's book for young readers, Bass Reeves: Legendary Lawman of the Wild West, has been selected as a 2024 Spur Award winner in the Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction Category! Annually, the Western Writers of America honor distinguished writing about the American West with Spur Awards—and since 1953, these awards have been regarded as one of the most prestigious accolades in American literature.