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Writing Contest 2024
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Got Kudos?

Around the first of each month, we post members' news of sales, acceptances, contest wins, and other writerly good news.
      Send a brief notice to veda@vedaboydjones.com by the 25th of each month about your news. Remember, the deadline is the 25th of each month.
      To keep it simple, write your news in third person, such as: "Veda Boyd Jones sold a short story, "The Mistletoe Caper," to Woman's World—issue dated December 26, 2022." If you've sold a book, be sure to mention the publisher and when the book will be released.
      Our goal is for members to develop a community of writers who celebrate and are inspired by each other's good news.

May Kudos. Congratulations!

Bruce K. Berger's novel of two soldiers in the Vietnam War, Brothers Bound, is being published in June by Koehler Books and is up for pre-ordering on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites: Brothers Bound is the link.

Mary-Lane Kamberg's essay "Party-vous francais?" is featured on the Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast. https://playlist.megaphone.fm/?e=ADL5550821864

Susan Croce Kelly's Newspaperwoman of the Ozarks, the Life & Times of Lucile Morris Upton was a semi-finalist in the Society of Midwest Authors 2024 book awards and won first place in the Missouri Professional Communicators 2024 contest and has moved up to the national competition.

Renee' La Viness's short story, "Sheldon's Other Half," was recently published in The Vault of Terror, Tales to Tell: Volume 6. This makes her 15th piece to be included in an anthology.

Also, her annual La Viness Short Story Writing Contest website has been updated with the 2024 theme and other information at https://www.jespiddlin.com/writingcontest. Submissions are $10 per entry (or $10 for up to 2 entries in the same email) and will be accepted between July 1st and August 31st. Multiple entries are allowed.

Billie Holladay Skelley's poem, "Time for Change," won First Place in the Saturday Writers' 2024 Poet Laureate Contest. The theme for the contest was based on the song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by the Byrds.

B. L. Thoma's three-novel historical romance series, "Morgan's Landing" will be published by Ozark Hollow Press and is planned for release in early fall of 2024. She has signed a contract with an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter who is presently writing a screenplay for her historical romance, "Morgan's Landing", as a pilot episode for a series.