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Got Kudos?

Around the first of each month, we post members' news of sales, acceptances, contest wins, and other writerly good news.
      Send a brief notice to veda@vedaboydjones.com by the 25th of each month about your news. Remember, the deadline is the 25th of each month.
      To keep it simple, write your news in third person, such as: "Veda Boyd Jones sold a short story, "The Mistletoe Caper," to Woman's World—issue dated December 26, 2022." If you've sold a book, be sure to mention the publisher and when the book will be released.
      Our goal is for members to develop a community of writers who celebrate and are inspired by each other's good news.

July Kudos. Congratulations!

Veda Boyd Jones sold a short story to Woman's World, which will be in the July 15th issue, but hit checkout stands a week earlier.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields had a successful book launch for her novel LAST DANCE WITH ANNIE at Peculiar Winery, Sunday, June 23. The book is published by Ozark Hollow Press